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Della & Delle

How can we rethink the branding strategy of a national company for the global market and create a visual language that enables a large number of out spreads?


Della & Delle is a cosmetics company and they believe beauty must be accessed by everyone and not be an unattainable concept. As a company with an extensive participation in the Brazilian beauty market, through their henna eyebrow tint, which has as biggest consumers beauty professionals, they saw the need to rethink their brand strategy for a more global audience, appealing to other South American countries, as well as the European market.

Logo Copy

During the brand analysis process was perceived that the biggest challenge would be to rethink their brand positioning maintaining their appeal to beauty professionals, whereas to design a visual language able to communicate to the domestic market as well.

Color Pallete

The project had only one big restriction, they would like to keep their orange as institucional color, which although is not a commonly used color in the beauty industry, it had a great reception during the user tests and from the positive consumer feedback we decided to maintain the color.

Once orange is a vibrant, energetic and youthful color, it enabled us to work with contrasts. The paired color was its complementary blue. Both colors were also divided em less contrasting shades to provide balance.

Another crucial point in the color choice for this project is that they are fundamental tools in the differentiation between the visual language targeting the professional  and the domestic public.
Color Palette



The usage of type was based on the junction of a contemporary serif font and a modern grotesque, in that way creating a stylistic contrast at the same time as offering good legibility to long texts and also making the reading easier in digital media.


Indentity System

Being a brand within the Magician's archetype, Della & Delle seeks to create magical moments for its customers, experiences that are rare, exciting and special to them. Della & Delle helps people to transform themselves.

From the field research process with professionals and individuals that make use of Della & Delle, the concept developed for the visual identity system was based on the relation of the beauty industry professionals with the symmetry, as well as the self esteem transformation that the brand provides to its customers.

In this way it was thought of a geometric grid that allows the unfolding of numerous graphical forms, which make up a visual language of transformation, expertise and precision. This system also aided in the development of the logo.

"Using a structured approach to problem solving, the Engineer transforms creative energy into practical expression. Logical and curious, the Engineer is the Magician's sub-archetype to turn to for solutions to everyday problems."


The Layout Grid

In order to maintain consistency throughout the project  a grid for layouts, that allows for application in all kinds of support and framing, was thought up. From the concept of square roots, an infinite division based on multiples of four allows the correctly application of the visual identity forms, as well as images and text.


The lighter colors combined with the use of negative space and application of special colors, such as metallic printing, allow the brand to create a language also for its premium products, which seek to communicate more directly to professionals in the area of beauty. The packaging also works with a concept of "medicine package" where we have the good use of typography and information architecture to facilitate access to relevant information such as composition, how to apply, etc.

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