Year: 2018
Roles: Brand Designer, Packaging Designer

roles: brand designer
            project manager

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


How can we make bacteria something beautiful and help a brand show caretaking and love by their positioning?

Du Moço is a food company with a focus on organic and healthy products. Their flagship is Kombucha, a Chinese drink produced from a culture of probiotics (bacteria that have several benefits for the body). Du Moço believes in the power to produce food manually and promote a sentimental connection with its customers from the changes that healthy eating can bring to people's lives.

The development of the brand logo came from the company's care in making quality handcrafted products, being a devoted family business who cares about the importance of healthy eating on a daily basis beyond the fitness lifestyle.

Logo Copy

Color palete

Color Palette

The colors selected for the project used green tones because they aimed to have a strong bond with organic products and have a tone closer to black to create the possibility of high contrast.
A secondary palette, more diverse and lively, was also designed to allow the expansion of the application of the brand in products of varied flavors and different segments.



The use of typography in this project sought visual comfort both in reading and in the way the types are architected, using rounded forms and a less abrupt contrast between primary and secondary typography, both of which are from the same family.


Identity system

The brand's visual identity system was based on the different forms that probiotics can have, creating a library of organic forms which, when merged with each other and in conjunction with the use of the secondary color palette, enable a huge number of combinations.

Graphs combinations



In its packaging, it is possible to perceive the application of all the elements of the visual identity together. Creating brand awareness was important alongside identifying the key product of them that did not have as much recognition in the local market until then.

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