Hello, I’m Osvaldo Daumas! I am 26 years old and have 7+ years of experience working as a designer. 


I am currently a freelancer who uses Branding tools and User Experience to elevate brands in discovering and enhancing their personalities. Fusing research and practice, I translate client’s needs into evocative images that tell stories and create sentimental links to their brand.


"This became my mission: to create brands that foster empathy, consistency
in communication and bring people closer."

My story begins in 2012 as a design student at the Federal Fluminense Institute (IFF) in Brazil. This led me to study Graphic Design and Art Direction at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in the United States. I wanted to apply the theories and knowledge learned in the classroom into a practical, detail-oriented and fast-paced workplace. This is what propelled me to move to New York City to create solutions for startups.

I have always been interested in Brand Design and strategy. With Design as my core, I continued to push my boundaries in doing my thesis on developing an application on the idea of a ‘Sharing Economy’. Little did I know that it would spark an interest and expertise in User Experience, in which I formalized at the University of California – San Diego. When I was able to take a step back, I was surprised how all of these areas are essential to each other and all lie under Human-Centered Design. This became my mission: to create brands that foster empathy, consistency in communications and bring people closer.

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