Year: 2020
Roles: Brand Strategist, Brand Designer

roles: brand designer
            project manager

Location: Seattle, USA

How can we give kombucha a fun, approachable brand and position it on the market as an energy drink?

Origin is a brand dedicated to bringing you the best in superfoods, ethically sourced straight from their native habitat in the Brazilian Amazon. Their mission is to provide people with the highest quality, nutrient-dense superfoods while supporting local communities and preserving the environment. Their products are sustainably harvested by local farmers who use traditional methods to ensure that the plants are not over-harvested or harmed in any way.  

They offer high-quality and nutritious foods ethically sourced from their native habitat. They believe that food nourishes the body and soul. And food that is grown naturally, preserving the environment, and celebrating traditions fulfill this potential. Always working with wild or organic, single origin, sustainable, and loaded with nutrients, they only source food they know they can be proud of.


Color palette


The color palette for the Origins brand was carefully selected to reflect the natural aspect of the products offered. Utilizing shades of green and earthy tones, the palette immediately conveys the brand's focus on fresh, high-quality superfoods. The color scheme was developed through a series of workshop sessions, during which clients discussed the brand's SWOT analysis and Business Canvas, and identified key messaging related to the brand's commitment to natural products and engaging with consumers who value quality.



 The botanical imagery and seed motifs utilized in Origins' branding serve to communicate the brand's holistic approach to food and its relationship with small producers in the Amazon region. Rather than simply selling superfoods, Origins aims to foster a deeper connection between people and food through its partnerships with local farmers. The use of seeds as a graphic element provides flexibility and personality to the brand while emphasizing the brand's focus on growth and nourishment.



The typography chosen for the Origins brand is intended to convey a sense of stability and modernity while maintaining clear and effective communication. The use of bold and thin contrasts in the typeface adds personality and communicates a sense of trustworthiness. The typography was chosen to align with the brand's overall aesthetic and messaging and to provide a strong visual structure for the brand.


This is a version of two presented to the client during the  pitch process, the other one with a different color palette was choseen but by on  taste the designer decided
to displaythe case of the not approved one.

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