Year: 2019
Roles: Brand Designer,
Packaging Designer, Project Manager

roles: brand designer
            project manager

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Illustrator: Barbara Knupp

How can we give kombucha a fun, approachable brand and position it on the market as an energy drink?

Thê is a company that handkrafts Kombucha, an ancient Chinese drink, that has innumerable benefits for the body and has been popularizing the fitness food market as a substitute for industrial beverages like soda for being naturally carbonated and having less sugar.
The challenge for this project was to position the brand differently from its competitors, who generally appeal only to the image of being an organic drink. During the brand diagnosis and interviews with the target public, we noticed the possibility of key positioning the beverage as an energy drink, a method not frequently explored.


Identity system


The development of Thê's visual identity took into account the physical activities that kombucha people perform. A study of colors and shapes were carried out to define which graphic elements would translate semiotically into each of these activities. The cold colors, lilac and green water, and the most fluid forms are the summary of activities that relate to the mind with its interior, a connection with the body drawing from principles in yoga, pilates, and meditation.

Colors that are a bit more vibrant than pink and green with more rounded shapes translate to outdoor, low-impact, and more day-to-day activities. The forms that represent friction, as well as warm and contrasting colors, are related to high impact athletic activities such as running and cycling.

Logo Copy


To enable a more entertaining image, a group of characters were developed for the packaging project, which together with the elements of the visual identity system would talk to everyday athletes looking for an organic and healthier energy drink option.

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